Service Portfolio

Wireless networks

  • installation of antenna-feeder system [AFS]
  • construction of base stations
  • commissioning of base stations
  • construction and optimization of GSM network
  • measurement of antenna-feeder system [AFS]
  • installation of control panels for GSM network
  • Installation and commissioning of small amd mid-sized DC power systems

Fixed networks

  • installation of Automatic Telephone Exchange [ATE]
  • installation and commissioning of PBX
  • laying of optical cables and structural cabling
  • power supply installation/commissioning (DC,UPS, Inverters)
  • Construction and civil works (construction and /de/installation of iron-fenestrated towers [IF towers], /de/installation of raised floor)
  • Installation and commissioning of mid-sized and large DC power systems and UPS systems

Transportation services

  • transport services
  • transportation to hardly accessible places


  • Alpinist (climbing) installation and deinstallation activities